Sales Invoice Template

Excel Sales Invoice Template

Excel Sales Invoice Template

Do you need a sales invoice template for your small business?

Our free template is easy to use and will look professional to your clients. It is important to have good looking documents especially if you are after future orders.

What our sales invoice template includes

The template is developed in Microsoft Excel and has formulas to calculate the totals for you. It reduces the risk of any errors.

  • Customer name and address is in the position for window envelopes.
  • Space is available for your company logo.
  • If the business is a Limited company, there is space at the bottom to add the details. Include the registration number, name on the registration certificate and registered office address.
  • Bank details included for transfers
  • Payment due by date.

Instructions for use

Download the template, using the link below.

Add your business details, including name and full address.

Insert a logo or delete the section.

Complete your bank details for bank transfers.

If you are a limited company, include the information at the bottom. You must include your registration number, registered name, and registered address.

This document can now be saved and used for issuing sales invoices.

If you are invoicing the same customer on a regular basis, enter the business details and save it as a separate file. It will reduce time as it saves retyping the details.

Creating a new sales invoice

Open the spreadsheet and enter the customer details, invoice date, order reference and give it a unique invoice number. When starting, do not use 01, but choose another number. A couple of examples are 4001 or perhaps include the year e.g. 1601.

Complete the description, giving as much detail as possible. Add quantity and unit value. After posting the figures, the totals will calculate automatically.

Ensure all the details are correct and print two copies, one for the customer and the other for your business records.

If you require any changes to the form, please get in contact. We can make adjustments for a small fee.

Sales Invoice Template