Free Bookkeeping for Small Business

Are you looking for free bookkeeping? As with most things in life it is hard to find things for free.

The internet has so much information available, but it can be difficult to find what you need. This site is available for both business and personal use, giving lots of advice on where to start and how to organise your finance.

Excel Templates

We have designed our free Excel templates, which can be downloaded and are easy to use. We have included full instructions with all our spreadsheets. If you need any changes to a spreadsheet, get in touch, and we can discuss your requirements. Our downloads include Petty cash, cashbook, balance sheet and expenses form.

Accounting Software

There are some completely free accounting software packages available, but are they suitable? We review them and discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Most that claim there is no charge, but they actually only offering a limited period with no fee. Once the initial trial is over you will be charged each month.

Accounting Jargon

One thing that many people who run a company find difficult is understanding the accounting jargon. You can speak to your accountant, but are still unsure of the correct answer. We aim to keep things simple and explain things clearly in a step by step way.

Business Advice

If you are starting your own business, there are many places to get advice. We will point you in the right direction of who can help. Our site includes planning, forecasting, insurance and banking.

About us

We have worked in accounts for over 30 years and have experience in both self-employed small business and large organisations. We now run our local Bookkeeping company and have lots of happy customers. Littlefoot Bookkeeping Services is based in Warwickshire and covers the area of Coventry, Rugby, Leamington Spa and the villages in between.